Mountain Biking for Fitness, Fun, and Adventure

I may be a little biased, but I cannot think of an activity that better represents the combining of adventure and fitness better than mountain biking. On a big climb, the level of intensity is unmatched, followed by an incredible view from the peak, then a fun and adrenaline (fun-drenaline) fueled blast down the other side. Hopefully, you are just getting started and will be continuing for another couple of hours. And when you are all done, you are dirty, sweaty, thirsty, and you know you just got in a great workout, but the best part is you just had a lot of fun!
But the icing on the cake or the cherry on top is that you just got a healthy dose of Nature Therapy, and that just might be the best part of all.

When people have asked me from time to time about the dangers and the difficulty of mountain biking and I can honestly say that in most cases the amount of danger is up to the rider and the amount of speed that they carry. Most intermediate trails can be handled by a beginner if they just take it slow enough, with the occasional hike-a-bike over the unavoidable stuff.
So, dust off the old Huffy (ok, I really hope you don't have a Huffy) or maybe clean it, and lube it, and check the tubes, and come out and join me on a mountain bike ride that hopefully will get you hooked on an incredible form of exercise and fun. You should find a beginner ride or two scheduled on the Adventure Fit calendar as well as some intermediate rides.
Then, once you get comfortable, maybe you will join us for a bikepacking adventure.
Bikepacking Catalina
But whatever you do, keep moving and I will see you out there!