All of my group workouts are designed to employ proven cardio and strength building techniques in a fun, encouraging, team oriented, but slightly competitive atmosphere. Although the sessions stress fun and camaraderie, they are goal oriented and results driven, where participants are expected to graduate to the next level of training as quickly as possible. Take a look at the Adventure Fit event calendar to find a session that appeals to you.

Workouts Offered:

HIIT Workout at The Beach
A workout designed to push your heart rate to its upper limits for short bursts, followed by "rest" periods in which you still keep your heart rate in its cardio zone. During these "rest" periods, we mix in strength and balance exercises for an all-around awesome workout.

More detailed info - HIIT Workout

STP (Suck Training and Prep)

There is no single workout that can prepare you for the Suck, or the Spartan Death Race. So, this workout is just the first step in an extensive training process that I can only hope will eventually prepare us for the ultimate test of physical fitness. Module 1 is primarily a strength/cardio combo that is focused entirely on the legs. Module 2 is ion the way and will focus on upper body (think climbing, pulling yourself up ropes and stuff, pressing heavy things, etc...).

More detailed info - (PostPDF)

Obstacle Course Training (TBD)
  It’s called obstacle course racing for a reason… dense trail running, climbing obstacles, and crawling through mud are only part of the new sport that will push your athletic skills to the limit. To truly conquer any course you’ll need to train unlike you've never trained before. You'll strengthen the building blocks of obstacle course fitness:
  • Cardio
  • Balance
  • Upper body strength
  • Lower body strength
  • Core strength
  • Flexibility
Whether you're a seasoned veteran or are brand new to obstacle course racing, this boot camp will get you in peak shape for your next race.

Beach Blast (TBD)
  Barefoot at the beach, what better way to workout. You just might enjoy it!