Positive Stuff

This cannot be just about getting into shape or losing 20 pounds. There has to be more to the reason you are wanting to get more active. This must be about making big sweeping changes to your life, both in the short-term, but really in the long-term. Your goal in life has got to be more than finishing a Spartan Race, or entering a marathon. Those are great short-term goals, but what comes next.

The Mentors

  • Jack Lalanne - I grew up thinking this was just the guy on t.v. who leads old ladies in exercises wearing a funny jump suit. But I was only 5 at the time and didn't realize the incredible accomplishments this man achieved in his lifetime.

The Inspirers/Motivaters
Maybe the most interesting thing about the following motivators is that there is a "family tree" that can be visualized as the thoughts and ideas are passed down and improved/repurposed.
  • Napoleon Hill
  • Earl Nightingale
  • Jim Rohn
  • Tony Robbins
  • Tim Ferris (this is who I started with)
  • Dan Gilbert
More to come...

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